We believe families make the best caregivers

Providing care and assistance within the familiar environment of one's residence offers a sense of comfort and security for individuals in need of support.
You want the best care for your loved one.
You’re known for leading with kindness and empathy—so are we. At Golden Home Care, we share your passion for enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Together, we can achieve this by cultivating fulfilling, healthy environments where children, aging adults, and special needs individuals can thrive.
Compassionate care,
quality service.
Rooted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we are a locally-owned and operated leading home health agency. Golden Home Care allows family members and friends to become paid caregivers for their loved ones. We believe the highest quality of care begins in the comfort of home.
How It Works
Become a Family Home Health Aide/CNA
You contact us, we explain the program, answer any questions you have, enroll you in training, & obtain required clearances!
We work with your child’s doctors, care coordinators, and Insurance / Medicaid and get the required approvals.
You get hired & paid!
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Danielle M
Working for Golden Home Healthcare as a Caregiver for my daughter has changed our lives in the best way. Having a special needs child, it is not easy to find care for them. Golden Home Healthcare allowed me to be at home and care for my daughter. I have peace of mind knowing my daughter is safe and receiving the best care with myself. This program is a huge deal for families that are in the same situation my family is in, and really has been a heaven sent. I honestly do not know what we would do without this program and I am so grateful to be a part of it.
Since I started at Golden Home Care, any questions that I’ve had they always answered to the best of their abilities. I would recommend the help that I’ve got from them to anyone else. They’ve always treated me with a lot of respect and professionalism and treated my son the same way and that goes such a long way for me. They’re now like my family and I really appreciate them and their diversity. Golden Home Care is the best!
Compassionate home care begins with you.
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